How Environmental Organizations in Boise, Idaho are Working with Local Businesses to Promote Sustainability

NWESI is devoted to protecting the environment by conserving energy, recycling, and utilizing eco-friendly technologies and products in our work environment. We are proud to have been honored by Washington and Lane Counties for our sustainable business practices. We also take part in regional organizations that promote diversity and inclusion, such as the Oregon Minority Business Association (OAME), Women in Commercial Real Estate (CREW), BestHQ, and De La Salle North. Agriculture has the potential to unlock solutions to some of Idaho's most complex environmental problems.

Idahoans have an opportunity to take steps that will not only help prevent these impacts from worsening in the future, but will also benefit Idaho's health, well-being, and economic prosperity today. We contribute to organizations that influence change at the local level, as well as to larger organizations. TNC is proud to be one of the key partners of the City of Trees Challenge, which aims to plant 235,000 seedlings in the forests of Idaho. Idaho STEM provides teachers, students, and surrounding communities with resources and education to promote STEM in Idaho.

With sector-specific information and resources, assessing the impacts of Idaho's climate economy will help business leaders and policy makers plan for a productive and resilient Idaho economy.

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