Collaboration for Conservation: How Environmental Organizations in Boise, Idaho Achieve Their Goals

When it comes to conservation efforts, collaboration is essential. In Boise, Idaho, a number of organizations have joined forces to ensure that the environment is safeguarded and preserved. At the top of the list of contributors to this open space conservation project is the Idaho Conservation Corps (ICC), a state program of the Northwest Youth Corps. The Idaho Black Community Alliance (IBCA) is another 501x3 non-profit organization that works to promote and preserve African-American culture and community in Idaho.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for managing wildlife habitat on 12 million acres in Idaho. This would not be achievable without strong partnerships between the federal government and the state, universities, private citizens, and non-profit organizations. The Northwest Youth Corps (established in 1980) and the Idaho Conservation Corps provide opportunities for youth and young adults to learn, grow, and succeed. The Idaho Connect Community Navigator pilot program is a “center and radio” model, in which the IBCA is the center and eight main organizations create a collective impact.

Research partnerships with Idaho's public universities are an integral component of Idaho's BLM wildlife program. The Leadership Development Program (LDP) offers advanced training to aspiring outdoor enthusiasts interested in performing leadership roles in conservation and outdoor organizations. The BLM also partners with several non-profit organizations dedicated to habitat restoration, monitoring, and conservation of wildlife. These organizations include the Army Corps of Engineers, state organizations, and nonprofit organizations in Idaho, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. By combining decades of relationship building with organizational knowledge from the COVID-19 era, these collaborations have been able to expand their programs to provide next-level field, training, and organizational resources. This new spirit of collaboration has enabled dozens of national and local organizations to come together to achieve their goals.

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