Engaging Local Residents and Businesses to Promote Sustainability in Boise, Idaho

The City of Boise is committed to taking action to promote sustainability practices and initiatives. To achieve this, they collaborate with local partners, businesses, and individuals to move the city forward. The guiding principle of environmental justice is that all people, regardless of race, color, national origin or income, are entitled to the same protection against environmental harm and risks. To ensure this, the city has implemented several community outreach programs.

Program 1 focuses on empowering farmers and their communities to become leaders in regenerative agriculture. Program 2 provides referrals and services to individuals and organizations in the New York City area. Program 3 involves high school and university students participating in a multimedia campaign on social networks with the help of public safety experts from the local state, as well as communications and public relations professionals. The organization also partners with companies, governments, and organizations on the ground to implement policies and practices that benefit wildlife, nature, and the global climate. They allocate one percent of their profits to environmental actions, ensuring that those dollars go to reliable non-profit organizations dedicated to conservation of wildlife and nature, ocean cleaning, reforestation, and other environmental initiatives. The Environmental Justice program is critical for working closely with the EPA Region 4 divisions in their integration of environmental justice and child health into their programs.

The goal of this program is to ensure that all people are protected from the disproportionate impacts of environmental hazards by working with and on behalf of affected communities. Program 4 focuses on data reporting in Sarpy County (Nebraska), focus groups with members of the threat assessment team at the local, regional, and national levels, and laboratory studies to understand gaps in the current TTV advice presentation framework. Law enforcement personnel are the first line of defense when considering how to address targeted violence in the United States. Program 5 creates and tests media literacy interventions focusing on harmful information in virtual spaces. This project will inform about the prevention of extremism and violent content in the metaverse. It includes a set of online and offline activities that work with community leaders and credible messengers in Portland and at-risk exurban areas of the Pacific Northwest. Finally, Program 6 involves students creating clubs and collaborating in the development of their statutes, code of conduct, and community development sustainability plan & with goals and objectives.

They will compete in school e-sports, testing their skills, innovation, and creativity in real-world challenges. Kaiser Permanente will work to improve threat management by collecting data within its own organization to detect differences in the presence or absence of social determinants of health. The Environmental Justice program also maintains its outreach and education activities. Grant programs and Agency participation in community activities have produced tangible environmental benefits for minority and low-income communities.

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